Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge

The Modern Quilt Guild and FreeSpirit Fabrics issued a challenge to the individual modern guilds using the Jay McCarroll Habitat fabrics. Each guild was to design their own challenge locally.

I received these Habitat fabrics in July from the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild. They are the Earth Tones Colorway. There are a total of 7 fabrics in each colorway (there are 3 colorways), and we received 6 fat eights. I have also shown some of the solids that I am thinking about using for this quilt.

I have a couple ideas of what I am going to do, but haven't ironed out the details or started yet. I will be deciding in the next couple days.

Here is a list of our challenge rules:
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Challenge Rules
1. When sewing your piece, only solid fabrics may be added to Habitat fabrics.

2. You may add more Habitat fabric from your own Habitat stash. 

3. Use every print (six in your bundle) in your project. Your "unfavorite" prints may be pieced into the back.
4. The finished project should be no smaller than 60 linear inches, and no larger than 120 linear inches. That means you could conceivably make a square quilt 15" X 15" up to 30" X 30". However, other combinations of dimension are acceptable (IE: 24" X 36"). Your finished project could be a table topper, place mat, wall hanging, etc.
5. Bring your finished project to the September 15 DSMMQG meeting. We'll have a show and tell, and take a group photo.
6. Should you not complete your challenge by September 15, (or at a minimum, have the top finished), you will be asked to donate $8 (the cost of six fat 1/8ths) to the DSMMQG treasury

I will post pictures when it is complete!


  1. Well, you've got the right approach! I hope it goes smoothly for you. I'm not "a designer," so it took three different designs before I got to one that worked. And I used up nearly every bit of the Habitat fabric. Best of luck.

  2. P.S. Keep some Kona Eggshell handy too.

  3. I can't wait to see what you make. I just found out yesterday I'm on the list to receive my fat 1/8ths for Jay McCarroll too, next Thursday, through the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. Our designs are due in February though. I look forward to sharing our ideas and quilts!

  4. Hello, I've arrived here from Lily's and look forward to following your blog.